Student Scholarship Fund

Johnson City Area Home Builders Association
&  Home Builders Association of Tennessee

Thank you for showing an interest in the Johnson City Area Home Builders Association and Home Builders Association of Tennessee’s scholarship program.

For scholarship consideration:

1. The student must be seeking post-secondary education at a trade school, community college, or a four-year program.

2. Applicant must be furthering their education in a curriculum within the construction industry; the following are examples of a few of the numerous fields:

  •  Construction management
  •  Draftsperson
  •  Architect
  •  Surveyor
  •  Interior design
  •  Plumber
  •  Engineering
  •  Electrician

3. The JCAHBA scholarship is awarded on a one-time basis and is not renewable.

4. If for any reason a recipient is unable to accept the scholarship, a replacement may be chosen.

5. Johnson City Area Home Builders Association reserves the right to terminate its Student Scholarship Program at any time, but recognizes its obligation to fulfill any scholarship agreement outstanding.

Applying for the scholarship is easy:

1. Complete and Sign the Scholarship Application

2. Inform your Pupil Services Coordinator that you are applying for this scholarship

3. Include the following items with your application:

  • Proof of Admissions Application or current transcript from college, university, junior college or technical/vocational school
  • Current proof of GPA with school record showing courses, grades and academic summary
  • Letter of recommendation from your High School Guidance Counselor or Department Instructor
  • Verification of Grades and Attendance to be filled out High School Guidance Counselor or Pupil Services Coordinator
  • One page essay as to how you will use your studies in a construction-related field (#3 on Scholarship Application).

Disbursement of funds for this scholarship will be in May of the year awarded. The check will be made payable to the school the applicant will attend.

Application Deadline is January 15th.

Send to:

Johnson City Area HBA
207 N Boone St, Suite 12
Johnson City, TN 37604


  Application Requirements
  Application Guidelines
  Scholarship Application
  Verification of Grades and Attendance
  Complete Application Packet






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